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If you make it, they will drink…

If you make it, they will drink…


We all know we are supposed to drink at least 6-8 8 oz. glasses of water a day. How often are we
actually able to fit them in to a REAL day? Some days, yes, other days, we’re caught up in the business of
living, and forget or lose track of our water intake.
The information I’m about to share with you may very well convince you that increased water
consumption should be at the top of your list of health and wellness goals and change your attitude for
good about getting those minimum 64 oz. into your day.

Several years ago as coursework for my Holistic Health practitioner certification, I read a book that at
first sounded, well, pardon the pun, but…DRY! Surprisingly, I was fascinated by it and have
recommended it to many people over the years.

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, (You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty), by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, original
copyright 1992, now in its third printing is available for free audio download on Hoopla, or from your
favorite bookseller.pic4

With the premise that our bodies are 75% water, Dr. B. states “Chronic and persistently increasing
dehydration is the root cause of almost all currently encountered major diseases of the human body.”
What?! Read that again. He states that dehydration increases with age, perpetuating the problem
throughout the life cycle. The good news is, that with increased water intake, the thirst mechanism
becomes more efficient—we can “recalibrate” our body’s thirst gauge.

Central to his theory is the dominant physiology for crises management of water within our bodies. A
strict rationing of water reserves of the body determines which systems and organs are deprived of
water as needed, to insure that the more biologically necessary systems are provided for in order of
graduating importance, with the brain being the last to be deprived. The system is incredibly
efficient—we are indeed “…fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Starting with addressing the problem of excess body weight, (which accounts for many health
problems), Dr. B. states that ”…the sensation of thirst and hunger are generated simultaneously to
indicate the brain’s needs. We do not recognize the sensation of thirst, and assume both indicators to
be the urge to eat.”

Case after case is made for use of water to treat, and in many cases cure, almost every chronic ailment
brought to him as a physician from Rheumatoid Arthritis to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, lower back
and neck pain to a myriad of digestive system disorders, Depression and Stress. Sound too good to be
possible? The book contains letters from actual patients who have been helped by Dr. B’s techniques.

One of the enticements I like to encourage drinking more H2O is making “spa water,” the addition of
favorite fruits and vegetables to water to infuse delicious flavor and appetizing appearance. My favorites
are: watermelon and/or strawberries; cucumber and lemon slices and fresh basil sprigs, whatever your
favorites are. Freezing in-season fruit into ice cubes to add to a pitcher or dispenser of water kept in the
fridge or outside during gatherings can add a little taste of summer when it’s just a memory.

Another helpful practice is using a either a 16 or 32 oz. water bottle. To help keep track of your intake.
My 32 oz. Arbonne bottle works for me.pic5

What is a good gauge to determine what your current water needs are? Check the color of your urine. In
general, the lighter the urine, the better hydrated you are. A well-hydrated person produces colorless
urine.,(discounting the color of vitamins or the color of food additives); comparative dehydration, yellow
urine, and truly dehydrated, orange-tinted urine. Don’t rely on “dry mouth” as an indicator of
dehydration, as it is actually the LAST sign of extreme hydration.

How much is enough? Two quarts, ( that’s 64 ounces, OR half your body weight in ounces) each day.
Could it be so simple that something as basic, readily available, and (almost) free, could be the
panacea?? We know it can only help. Let us know your thoughts and results.

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